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IntroducingOur Story


From humble beginnings and a lifelong passion for great food, and wood fired pizza in particular, an idea was formed to bring the very best authentic wood fired pizzas to major events and festivals across the country.

The Wood Fired Pizza Company was founded with passion in 2010 by Russell, Toni & Maiko. With lofty ambitions we set out to rule the world, serving the best pizzas from St Andrews in Scotland to Bude in Cornwall.

With our unrivalled experience in the wood fired pizza industry, we consistently match the quality of our product with the highest levels of customer service.

We feel that our success is quite remarkable. We are now serving all the major events across the country, working alongside the biggest and most prestigious companies in the food service industry as well as serving private parties to our discerning clients.

From day one we have been true to our philosophy using only the finest Italian products. Our Italian agents source seasonal products and regional specialities for us on a weekly basis from the Italian markets to satisfy the needs of our clients for ever changing recipes.

Our tomatoes are always sourced from the fields around San Marzano and we use the finest fresh Fior Di Latte Mozzarella.

As we now have a solution for every occasion from your garden party to the London 2012 Games and your shopping centre we’ve come a really long way!

FirstEver Sale

After much anticipation and spending hours trying to program our first ever till system, the day was finally here to make our first sale! That morning we took a fiver out of our pockets and slid it under the till draw following an old wives tale to ensure that we had a successful day. The stewards came over to us and gave us the 5 minute warning to say that the gates would be opening and we were beside ourselves with excitement. We placed our bets as to what the first pizza ordered would be and the winner was a Margherita. The customers came in and as the first couple started to walk over to us the nerves set in. All those years of running restaurants seemed to slip away from my mind and I felt as though it was my first day at my first ever job as a teenager again. Maiko turned around and started to open the first pizza dough… Dad took a glance in the oven to make sure the fire was still roaring… ‘Hello, how can I help?’ I said with a smile on my face just as I had practiced with Mum ‘Two teas please darling’ ‘Two Four Cheese pizzas?’ Rolled out of my mouth as I started pressing buttons on the till ‘No Love, two cups of tea’ Nerves 1 Toni 0

FirstBig Event

Even though we had been trading since 2010 at some of the most prestigious events in the country such as Hampton Court Flower Show, Chelsea Flower Show and The British Open, The London 2012 Games came to be our biggest test yet!

With the largest number of visitors we had ever had the pleasure of catering for, the epic task that we had undertaken came to light after the first day of trading.

We had to liaise with our Italian agents every day to up our orders for the next Lorries over as our wood fired pizzas were more popular than we could ever have imagined. On one of the first days I looked behind me to see the queue and it seemed to go on forever, I promise you I couldn’t see the last person standing in it and that turned out to be a reoccurring almost hourly event.

At the end of the three weeks of trading we sat down and tried to work out how many tomatoes we must have used over the event. This proved to be an impossible task…. But we did work out that we used over 10,000 kilos of Fior Di Latte Mozzarella. Mind = Blown!!!

PizzaChef of the Year

The pizza chef of the year competition is run by The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA). We decided to nominate ourselves to enter this year.

Different sponsors give ingredients from their businesses for you to create a pizza with. We had our Southern Regional heats and beat off some stiff competition and some very well-known pizza chains winning two out of the five categories and coming highly commended with one point away from winning another two!

The day of the finals arrived, the finals are held at the Lancaster Hotel in London, all the winners from every category of the regional heats attend to make their pizzas in front of the judging panel and the other competitors.

Our turn came around to create our two regional winning pizzas, I presented them to the judges after Maiko made them, and the judges had poker faces the whole way through giving nothing away. They kept us with gritted teeth until the dinner and dance that evening.

Aldo Zilli was the host for the evening, and after the main course the winner of the competition was to be announced.

All of the category winners were called up on stage, we won the Boursin Cheese category with our Chorizo, Roasted Peppers, Rocket and Boursin Cheese pizza. Everyone including myself was over the moon to be through to that stage of the competition, the final 5 out of the hundreds that had entered.

My stomach was doing summersaults as I stood on the stage with my fellow contestants waiting for the overall winner to be announced…

The time had come as ‘The Winner of The Pizza Chef of The Year is…..Toni Allen and The Wood Fired Pizza Company’


Wow our future is very exciting!!

We have created a fantastic award winning slices concept to sit alongside our current brand.

With our Italian supply partners we have developed an authentic top quality wood fired pizza base which we can finish in our all electric ovens!

This means we can roll out our new concept into high footfall static sites.

So don’t be surprised if you see us in your shopping centre, railway station or airport lounge soon.